Andrew Guard

2015 Mâcon-Chaintré 'Vielles Vignes', Domaine Valette

This is spectacular and complex and, in my opinion, almost unmatched as a companion for literally ANY good food. It sells of ripe apple, honey, lemon and subtle mineral hints all come together in a distinctly classy, vinous nose. Clarity of fruit and bright refreshing acidity feature in the mouth, with a long, almost crystalline finish. 

Baptiste and Philippe Valette continues on in their father Gerard’s footsteps by producing incredible wines, packed with personality. They are the reference point for artisan wines from the Mâconnais. Their work is exacting; once the fruit is ready the harvest is manual in late September and once in the winery the entire harvest is pressed slowly with a pneumatic press. Vinification is natural: without sulphur, without yeasts, chaptalisation or acidification.

I often find myself in the cellars and homes of the winemakers that we work with and those that we would like to work with and it is interesting to see the bottles that have been kept by them that sit empty in their homes and cellars. I think it would be fair to say that those of Valette have been the most prominent and when remarked upon, his work is respected and adored.