Andrew Guard

2019 Baby Bandito 'Keep On Punching' Chenin Blanc

100% Chenin Blanc (Dry) - From vines planted in 1972. Very fresh and vibrant notes  of citrus and white peach very reserved and fine at this point. The palate is fine, light and fresh with a an attractive steeliness to it. Delicious and the last release sold out very quickly!

Great South African wine is quite a recent phenomenon. During the apartheid, the wine industry was completely dominated by one organization, which controlled everything from production to price, so it is only since the early 1990s that independent wine producers have emerged. 

Craig Hawkins is one of the most influential and certainly the most exciting winemakers of, not only South Africa, but the the New World. Producing wine in the Swartland in South Africa, he has helped to change the image of South African wine.

Craig's Testalonga wines often have such complexity, derived from his winemaking methods, that the authorities don’t know how to deal with it – he is denied export certification on an annual basis due to his wines lacking ‘typicity’. Well from my portfolio he joins Thierry Puzelat, Didier Barral and Francois Cotat in that regard, all brilliant winemakers who refuse to bow to convention in their quest for excellence and authenticity.