Andrew Guard

2018 Ayler Riesling Faß 3, Peter Lauer

This is a classic Feinherb with 30 g/l RS and perfectly balanced with crispy, salty acidity. It is comes from a parcel on the East exposed side of the Ayler Kupp - the nose is very slaty, stony and very pure  - classic Lauer. The peachy and appley fruit is coiled tight and becomes nicely citric on the finish has lovely depth. This is a sensational wine to drink!

Florian Lauer is just plain talented. Some people just have it in spades and they are intense, restless, creative souls – lucky for all of us. Driving into the romantic Saar after the dramatic Mosel in January, I was immediately drawn to the countryside beauty of Burgundy and the famed Ayler Kupp is surely Florian's Corton.

One of the current projects that Florian is undertaking is the clearing of an old hillside named Lambertskirch that was once an incredibly well regarded vineyard which is not hard to believe when you consider that it is only a hundred meters or so from his incredible century old “Schoenfels” vineyard and has the same soil type. He is going to plant the site to Riesling using a massale selection of his best vines.

A noteworthy part of my visit was the ensuing tasting that followed the vineyard tour. It became apparent to me that most of the bottles Florian used were half full and some nearly empty, I noticed that he tasted everything carefully before serving it to me and I think he must have noticed my observation when he pointed out that he was very happy how the wines were showing (as was I) considering that he had opened them all before Xmas! In short, the bottles I tasted were more than a month old and just incredible!

The estate of Peter Lauer has now been well and truly discovered and the wines have a cult following. With the tiny harvest in 2010 I do not have the same amount available as last year so if you haven't got onto these yet and they sound like your thing, I strongly recommend that you do.