Andrew Guard

2016 Beaumes de Venise Rouge 'Terres Jaunes', La Ferme St Martin

One of the best wines I import each year, especially for the price! This attractive wine offers deep and fresh aromas of cherry and blackcurrant, with notes of cracked pepper and licorice.  Lithe but broad-shouldered it has generous dark fruit and spice flavours lifted by a spicy nuance. It packs a pretty serious punch and finishes with supple tannins and very good length. Great drinking and very moreish.

If there is a prettier vineyard in this part of France then I would like to see it. La Ferme St Martin is serene with sweeping views of the Mont Ventoux and the Dentils de Montmirail. It’s a long winding road up there and not easy to find but if I were a vine, I think I would feel very lucky to be planted here because the Domaine de la Ferme St. Martin is particularly well known in the area for it’s exemplary biodynamic viticulture and it’s outstanding wines.

At Ferme St Martin there is a reason why the wines taste so good. To begin with, the vineyards are all ploughed and no synthetic substances are used - all the work done in the vineyard is done in order to produce healthy grapes whilst retaining the life of the soil and balance in nature that surrounds them, particularly the flora and fauna that surrounds the vine.After an initial sorting in the vineyard, the grapes undergo a second sorting in the winery with the belief that the quality of the grapes directly determines the quality of the wine. All this care and effort and look at the prices!

The wines here are all very intense, in colour, flavour and concentration; due in no small part to the small yields and exemplary viticulture at this estate. The “La Gerine” is a fruity, soft and elegant red with a gentle spicy complexity. The “Terres Jaunes” by contrast is full, fleshy and polished. It is very refined and elegant despite it’s concentration. The “Cuvée St Martin” is qualitatively equivalent to very good Châteauneuf du Pâpe.