Andrew Guard

2016 Mâcon Vinzelles 'Les Morandes', Céline et Laurent Tripoz

Produced from Chardonnay. This excellent wine has plenty of pure, lean fruit and acid zing. Citrus flavours abound with hints at green apple and lots of rocky minerality too. This is ultimately a wine that derives much of it's character from the limestone soils it came from and like all the Tripoz wines, it is athletic and pulses with flavour and interest. One of my favorite white wines.

Domaine Tripoz is certified Biodynamic and in addition to that the vineyard work is much what one would expect from a quality-conscious estate: severe pruning, de-budding and leaf-plucking (exclusively on the side facing the rising sun). Green harvesting is only employed however when deemed absolutely necessary. The harvest date is timed to ensure that the grapes are brought in at optimum maturity, thus avoiding the need for any “additions” later on in the winemaking process. The bunches are collected in cases which are taken directly to the cellar to encourage as little damage to the grapes as possible - and by extension as little oxidation - prior to pressing. It should also be noted that in keeping with their non-interventionist philosophy, additions of sulphur are kept to a strict minimum in the cellar.