Andrew Guard

2018 PP André, François Rousset-Martin

A 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Poulsard, the 2018 Côtes du Jura PP André Pinot Poulsard is a bit of a ply with words, as PP could be Pinot-Poulsard or also Pépé, grandfather in French. This is only the third year he made reds and the first time he has used some full clusters, because the ripe 2018 vintage allowed for the stems to be ripe. So, he used some 15% of the stems for the vinification. It's fruit-driven and straightforward, combining the rusticity of the Trousseau with the elegance of Pinot.

As a wine importer one is always on the lookout for new talent, the next big thing that we can introduce to our customers. Having recently tasted the superb wines of François Rousset of Domaine Rousset-Martin in Paris at Frenchie and Clamato I immediately thought to contact them to see if we could work together. My Jura list is already pretty amazing, I am lucky to work with Overnoy/Houillon, Jean-François Ganevat and Domaine Labet, anything additional would have to be great right ? Well these are, they are wonderful Jura wines in every way.

François's goal is to better know and understand the superb terroirs in which he is invested. He has an exciting new project near the town of Baume-les Messieurs where he has plantings of young vines, it will be exciting to follow the potential as they age. Perhaps most exciting though is his focus on making ouillé or topped-up wines within the Château Chalon appellation, labeled as Côtes du Jura!

These are captivating and contemplative wines from a producer to follow very closely..