Andrew Guard

2019 21150 'Biosophiste', Romuald Valot

At the end of the tasting Romuald gestured to two barrels near the exit and the corner of his mouth pursed to reveal a little grin. "Infusion Pinot Noir" he seems that the vines he has in Ladoix have produced this wine. Made in the Beaujolais with all his other wines. When a sensation, the best of both worlds is present here in sensuality and texture. A bomb!

Every now and then a wine you try leaves you a little intrigued and passionate and this often leads into exploration. And so it was on a humid Saturday afternoon in June this year that I was standing on a sidewalk in Tokyo with Gio and Marco from Fratelli Paradiso & 10 William St, a wine list in my hand.

We wanted something to refresh and wound up with one of the sommeliers recommendations, a chilled bottle of Beaujolais from a producer that I hadn't had before, Romuald Valot.

He farms his land without chemicals and with a plough and winch to turn the soil - in the winery it is very basic too, reliant on the tacit knowledge of generations of experience and observation. This combined with great terroir combine to produce superb wine. These too are rare and hard to find, lucky we got in quickly.