Andrew Guard

Saint-Yzans de Médoc

I have wanted to import these wines for quite some time but have had to wait until now. I first tasted them in Paris after a friend of mine who knows what I like convinced me to try them; he also knew of my skepticism of Bordeaux and the Medoc in particular. "This tiny estate will change your mind" he said, "it's grown and made naturally, just how you like!" he went on. Well he was right, the wine was superb, really something special but with a hatful of cases produced each year it was not going to be easy...

Didier Michaud was born and raised in Paris and moved down to the tiny village of Saint-Yzans de Médoc in the early 1970s when he bought 1,7 hectares of land in a few parcels and after a few years produced his first vintage in 1976.

In the beginning he sold everything in bulk to the local co-op, which was the norm at the time; in fact he kept on doing the same thing for 22 years until 1998, when he finally started to make his own wine. He's turned into an art over the ensuing years.

A normal year Didier makes around 4500 bottles of his wine. You can see the benefit here of focusing on just one thing – the glorious proof is in the bottle.

He makes the wines in the very old co-op of the village, which was abandoned after phylloxera. As with all our wines, only grapes are used, no augmentation, and he gives the wines sufficient elevage to be able to do it without any added sulfur, time makes the wines very stable.

The wines are subtle, delicate, with a lot of prominent fruit, fine tannin structure and good freshness. Classic Médoc aromatics - because he doesn't follow the status quo in the AOC he bottles simply as Planquette, Vin de France!

Written by Andrew Guard — January 19, 2019